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We offer a variety of services to match your pest control needs.






Includes all methods and agents controlling arthropods that transmit infectious diseases and damage food and agricultural products and human dwellings.

These methods are directed toward creating conditions unfavourable to the reproduction and development of arthropods and toward their control. We do treatments against cockroaches, ants, wasps, bed-bugs, fleas, etc.

We do a responsible use of specialized insecticides to control insect problems.


Before any treatment we must make a detailed assessment to evaluate the level of infestation inside your home and in the surrounding areas.

We always recommend implementing a series of corrective measurements, like removing rodent food sources, making building repairs, etc.

 So, we can dispose rodenticide baits inside tamper resistant stations, to avoid damage to children and pets.



Is the act of destroying pathogenic microorganisms in a material or on the surface of an object.


 Termites are small soft bodied social insects that live in colonies that may contain hundreds of thousands of individuals. They look similar to ants but they are not related.

Termites feed on materials that contain cellulose, primarily dead wood and wood by-products. They excavate a network of tunnels through the soil to reach water and food.

Termites can do great damage to unprotected buildings and other wooden structures. We also treat wood-worm.



Garden treatments try to prevent pests, diseases and physiopathies that attack plants in your garden.

Oikos diagnoses the problems with your plants and follows the recommended solutions to treat them.

Not all insects are “bad bugs”. Your garden and surroundings contain many insects that are actually beneficial because they feed on harmful insects.

The best way to manage insect pests in your garden is to use a combination of strategies, including cultural, mechanical, biological and chemical controls.

 We are qualified to apply phytosanitary products, so we can do treatments against red palm weevil, procesionary caterpillar, etc. We recommend ecologic treatments whenever possible. 



     Bird care is active pest control.The presence of occupied nest boxes benefits the garden. Complete information only available in spanish 


Legionella control and prevention

Legionella is a pathogenic Gram negative bacterium,  including species that cause legionellosis or Legionnaires disease, most notably L.pneumophila with an optimal growing temperature between 20ºC and 45ºC.

Legionella live within amoebae in the natural environment. Legionella species are the causative agent of the human Legionnaires' disease and the lesser form, Pontiac fever. Legionella transmission is via aerosols, the inhalation of mist droplets containing the bacteria. Common sources include cooling towers, domestic hot and cold water systems, spas, showers, fountains, and similar disseminators that tap into a public water supply. Natural sources of Legionella include freshwater ponds and creeks.

We control Legionella bacteria in water systems, using various methods of cleaning and desinfection:

-Chemical disinfectants, such as chlorination.

-Thermal disinfection. 


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